About Wonderwall Red Carpet Affairs

Print Decor Specialists in Mississauga, ON

Planning an impressive corporate event? A memorable birthday? The wedding of your dreams? WonderWall is here to help you leave an everlasting experience on your guests by giving them visually appealing printed decor to remember forever!

WonderWall Red Carpet Affairs is an Industry leader in printed decor for events of all kinds. Sparked from an idea of providing a complete bespoke service that is vivid and captivating yet elegant in nature at their events, as extensions of their own personalities. Over the last 5 years we have grown from an Idea to a full scale operation providing hundreds of event organizers, wedding planners, and loving newlyweds a heightened experience to share with their guests.

For our clients, an event is more than simply organizing and executing it – it’s making sure it is a memorable experience for all guests, leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime. WonderWall gives you an elegant bespoke touch, custom tailored for your event, leaving your family, friends, and guests talking about it for years to come. – It would be our honour to provide this experience for you.